Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Patio & Driveway Cleaning In Sittingbourne, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone & Medway

Bryson Cleaning Services ensures their driveway, patio, path, warehouse, factory and concrete floor cleaning service is the best around, we do this by only using the most up to date cleaning solutions and equipment, with 5/5 ratings by our commercial and domestic customers we are Kent’s no.1 for pressure cleaning. We cover all of Sittingbourne, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey, Canterbury, Maidstone and Medway for our oven cleaning services. If you would like a quote why not call us now for a FREE no obligation quotation.

About our Pressure Cleaning System

Our concentrated cleaning products are fast-acting and are easily sprayed onto the surface of the area to be cleaned with a quick brush over if required. The cleaning agent starts removing a vast range of soiling such as concrete/brick stains, dirt, algae, moss, and more. 20 minutes after the tarmac, stone, concrete, or block paving has been prepped the clean is ready to begin.

We get 5/5 ratings from our customers and clients because we use a; Honda GX 200 6.5 Horsepower engine driven pressure washer and a Whirl-a-way BE-1800WAW composite high-pressure rotary flat surface cleaner. Our Honda GX 200 6.5 Horsepower engine driven pressure washer uses a super reliable Italian commercial Grade Annovi Reverberi triplex pump and works comfortably at 3000psi 200 bar, giving us the power for any grimy job. With a 50-meter feed pipe and a 30-meter hose on the hose reel with a break locking system, we can reach 70 meters/229.66 feet long enough for even the biggest job. 

Our Whirlaway BE-1800WAW composite high-pressure rotary flat surface cleaner is the ultimate solution to uneven or flat surface cleaning and with the ability to cover 20 squares meters a minute you will have your surface professionally cleaned quicker than any other system on the market. Our system can be used with either hot or cold water using pressure up to 200 bar, leaving any patio or hard surface looking brand new. Our new system easily lifts dirt and stains that make your driveway or paths look grubby.  The system is also designed to protect the surrounding area that it cleans with the safety skirt, reducing spray whilst allowing dirty water and debris to escape quickly. Our industrial spray gun rated at 4000psi tackles even the grubbiest not flat surfaces such as brickwork, garden walls, and steps with ease. 

Decking and Fencing Cleaning

We clean decking like new, also garden furniture too, the cleaning agent we use is a cleaner and a reviver it easily kills moss, mold, and algae and helps prevent re-growth for 6 months. We use a less powerful cleaning system as not to damage the wood.

Driveway and Patio Sealant

The sealer we use allows the decking to breathe and weather naturally whilst providing a clear protective barrier against the elements repelling moisture and shielding the patio, driveway, or decking against water damage, once applied the drying time is just over 24 hours so a nice day/night is required. Once dried your patio, driveway, or decking is fully protected with a nice clean finish.

Our Patio Sealant Process

  • Stage1: We apply the correct concentrated formula to the areas to be cleaned and brushed through if required.
  • Stage 2: We set up our powerful pressure washer and use our composite high-pressure rotary flat surface cleaner.
  • Stage 3: We complete the job by using our Industrial spray gun to clean the surfaces required.

Product Safety

With some of our services, cleaning products are required. When selecting products we ensure all are certified and check with current BS numbers. All of our products are children, pets, and environmentally friendly.

Health and Safety

We take health & safety seriously, we can provide signs where required to notify the general public of the work that’s commencing. We also wear protective clothing like steal toe cap boots, boot covers, masks & gloves.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have over 10 years’ experience within the cleaning industry. It’s this valuable experience that allows us to offer the best cleaning service in the area. We are 100% certain that you will be satisfied with the clean we’ve carried out.