Stain Removals

Stain Removal In Sittingbourne, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone & Medway

We pride ourselves on our ability to lift a stain from most surfaces whether it be your carpet, mattress, rug, or sofa. We’re able to remove a massive 90% of stains that domestic stain removal sprays can’t remove. We have many years of experience removing stains leading us to be one of Kent’s best stain removers.

The Stains We Can Remove

  • Chewing Gum Removal: Very Stubborn to remove but we have a safe solution for lifting gum off clothes right through to Sofas and Carpet.
  • Red Wine Stains Removal: Red Wine stains are very common and also very hard to get out but we have managed to resolve many red wine stains successfully on even the lightest of carpets
  • Bloodstain Removal: We remove many bloodstains from medical establishments, so we have the best products on the market to remove blood safely.
  • Coffee & Food stain Removal: Coffee and Tea stains appear very prominent on light coloured carpets but our techniques and chemicals get the stains out superbly, same with food stains.
  • Paint Stain Removal: We have specialised chemicals which lift all kinds of paint.
  • Vomit Stain Removal: Our Stomachs contain some very strong acids designed to break up foods which also ruin carpets and fabric. We have the experience and chemicals to remove a vomit stain.
  • Oil Stain Removal: Whether it be cooking oil or engine oil, it can be very hard to lift and one we find difficult, however, we have a solution that lifts most oil stains.
  • Make-up & Ink Stain Removal: Very common, normally the nail varnish has been spilled on the sofa, not to fear it will come out with the correct solution. Other makeup does come out but not always a guarantee

Miss Anything?

If you have a stain and it is not listed above, it doesn’t mean we can’t help, these are just the most common stains we encounter – We can remove most household stains.

Please remember the longer you leave certain stains the harder it is to remove so don’t delay and contact us straight away.

Product Safety

With some of our services, cleaning products are required. When selecting products we ensure all are certified and check with current BS numbers. All of our products are children, pets, and environmentally friendly.

Health and Safety

We take health & safety seriously, we can provide signs where required to notify the general public of the work that’s commencing. We also wear protective clothing like steal toe cap boots, boot covers, masks & gloves.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have over 10 years’ experience within the cleaning industry. It’s this valuable experience that allows us to offer the best cleaning service in the area. We are 100% certain that you will be satisfied with the clean we’ve carried out.